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The First Ever Repositionable Detent Knob for Guitar, Bass, and more

the patented design lets you put a detent at any knob position with a flip of a switch
The patented design lets you set a detent at any knob position with a flip of a switch. Feel the knob click into place when you turn to your setting!


That Klick Knob - The First Ever Repositionable Detent Knob

That Klick Knob - The First Ever Repositionable Detent Knob

That Klick Knob - The First Ever Repositionable Detent Knob

"The fact that you can quickly move the detent is amazing. With so many variables (the amp, room, pedals, my mood, etc) what sounds great today may sound just ok tomorrow ... having that flexibility is what makes this so special" -James, Missouri

That Klick Knob ™

That Klick Classic - Black/Silver

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"Essential for live playing - I can crank it for a solo and then turn right back to my rhythm tone just by feel instead of using my ear; I don't miss a beat !" -Rick, Tennessee



you rolled back the knobs and dialed in a sweetspot- whether its just shy of breakup, cutting some highs, cleaning up some dirt, etc.

..but then you want to turn up to solo..or turn down for silence..or the knob gets accidentally moved..

if only there was a way to mark & save that setting, allowing you to instantly refind it, so you didn't have to search for it every single time you moved a knob.

enter that klick knob™ - save any setting with the quick & easy flip of a switch!

it's operation is simple & intuitive- when you find a sweetspot, just push in the switch and the setting the knob is on will be saved. so now, when rotating you'll feel the knob firmly click into place as it arrives at that setting so you'll instantly know for sure that the knob is back at that exact sweetspot. the knob still retains full range of rotation with the switch engaged; it just clicks at that spot now.

removing & placing the 'click' at a different setting is just as easy - simply pull out the switch & repeat!

no matter where the knob has turned, the sweetspot is always just a click away!

That Klick Knob™

"My controls are super sensitive so any setting I like is always in a really tight window. Refinding it was always a pain. Not anymore!! " -Steve, New York

Installation & Compatability



     That Klick Knob™ is deceptively simple - under the hood is a series of precisely machined metal components (not cheaply die cast or injection molded) resulting from years of research & development. Engineered to survive a lifetime of abuse, it's not just a knob - it's a tool.

      However if you're unsure if it will fit, if you'll like it, whatever the reason - don't sweat it. Just send it back within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. While we're positive you'll love it, we believe your experience is more important than any sale.

*knob must be returned in new & working condition in original packaging with all tools, accessories, and hardware. customer responsible for shipping.