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This is a brief installation overview - a very detailed PDF with thorough install instructions will be emailed with every order.

Basically there are 3 steps:

1.  Set the height of potentiometer so the correct amount of threading is exposed, as illustrated in the image below.

2.  Put switch on and tighten nut (pretty much as simple as putting on a washer)

3.  Put on knob. The installation is complete.

Is it difficult to install?

NO, we don't think so. Of course this is subjective. But here are the 2 worst case scenarios, with the reasons for them:

1. You may have to take off the pickguard:

this is just to remove existing hardware on the potentiometer that's under the surface. No messing with wiring, soldering, or any electronic stuff - this is strictly a mechanical device that gets bolted on. No permanent modifications necessary. Detailed instructions, as well as all necessary hardware, are included.

2. If you have a split shaft potentiometer, you may have to (very) slightly bend the split shafts - around 0.25mm max:

this is a precise device that is mounted to an imprecise part - let us explain.. the knob has to fit very snugly to the potentiometer's shaft or else it will spin off-axis (wobble). this is why 4 different sized adapter bushings are included. why 4? because even though there are only 2 types of split shafts - fine & course spline - the condition of those splines and hence the diameter of the shaft can slightly differ from guitar to guitar. this can be caused by many things - wear from years of taking knobs on & off, the tolerance of a manufacturer/part run, and so on. it doesn't take much to cause a wobble. and while a slight wobble is tolerable, too much will affect the knobs function. so 4 adapters are provided. this is probably overkill, as most won't go through this, but for those few cases it guarantees that one adapter will be close enough that a very slight adjustment will make that klick knob work perfectly.

please be comfortable with these possibilities before purchasing.


    that klick knob is also great for pedals. as long as the potentiometer is within the dimensional range of our specified requirements - it will fit. as you can see from the picture, half shaft pots are no problem

   many pedal potentiometers have smaller thread sizes than pots on guitar or bass - this isn't really an issue (spacers are included to account for different thread sizes). one thing to note is that sometimes on pedals it isn't possible to adjust the exposed threading height - many pedal potentiometers are directly mounted to PCB's. and while you can always return that klick knob if it doesn't fit, just measure to be sure before ordering.