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Here's a list of common questions about That Klick Knob. If you still haven't found what you're looking for, please visit the contact page and send us a message.

Its a knob with a switch. When the switch is pressed, the position the knob is in will be saved - meaning you'll feel the knob click into place everytime it rotates past this spot. You'll know you're at the exact setting you've saved.
The knob, switch, and all installation tools & hardware are included.

NO, we don't think so. Of course this is subjective. But here are the 2 worst case scenarios, with the reasons for them:

1. You may have to take off the pickguard:

this is just to remove existing hardware on the potentiometer that's under the surface. No messing with wiring, soldering, or any electronic stuff - this is strictly a mechanical device that gets bolted on. Detailed instructions, as well as all necessary hardware, are included.

2. If you have a split shaft potentiometer, you may have to (very) slightly bend the split shafts - around 0.25mm max:

this is a precise device that is mounted to an imprecise part - let us explain.. the knob has to fit very snugly to the potentiometer's shaft or else it will spin off-axis (wobble). This is why 4 different sized adapter bushings are included. Why 4? Because even though there are only 2 types of split shafts - fine & course spline - the condition of those splines and hence the diameter of the shaft can slightly differ from guitar to guitar. This can be caused by many things - wear from years of taking knobs on & off, the tolerance of a manufacturer/part run, and so on. It doesn't take much to cause a wobble. And while a slight wobble is tolerable, too much will affect the knobs function. So 4 adapters are provided. This is probably overkill, as most won't go through this, but for those few cases it guarantees that one adapter will be close enough that a very slight adjustment will make That Klick Knob work perfectly.

Please be comfortable with these possibilities before purchasing.

Most likely. The majority of common guitar potentiometers are either 3/8"-32 or M8 x 0.75 threading, with either solid shaft, fine spline split shaft, or course spline split shafts. This will fit all of those types & includes all necessary hardware. But please read the complete compatibility info below:

* If your potentiometer has dimensions that are in the ranges illustrated in the image, it will fit.

1. This measurement is the length of the shaft that the knob slides onto, taken from the top of the shaft down to where the threading starts. Most are between 0.28" - 0.38". This size determines the amount of exposed threading that you will set (using included installation hardware) - see image above. Shorter shafts require more exposed threads; longer shafts require less. Check your instrument to confirm the recommended sizes .

2. This is the length of the threaded portion of the potentiometer - but what actually matters here is the height of the exposed threads sticking out from the surface - so 3/8" of threading is listed as the minimum to ensure this requirement is met (typically pickguards are about 0.10" thick). It will work with longer threaded pots - an included nut will be mounted underneath the surface which controls the amount of exposed threads. It could work with a shorter threaded pot - again what matters is the exposed thread requirement is met. You must measure your potentiometer to confirm. If it looks like your potentiometer is too short, many times there is hardware underneath the instruments surface - remove all hardware from potentiometer to accurately determine if it has the necessary amount of exposed threading.

3. This is the shaft's diameter, most are either 6mm split shaft or 1/4" solid shaft. This will work on both - 4 adapters are included to guarantee a tight fit.

4. Depending on your potentiometer there needs to be between 0.125" (3.25mm) and 0.18" (4.5mm) of exposed threads to mount the knob. See 2. for explanation.

5. Most common instrument potentiometers come in 2 thread sizes: 3/8"-32 & M8 x 0.75mm - this includes hardware to fit both sizes. This can fit smaller sized potentiometers , however since they are uncommon hardware is not included for them. With that said we have successfully installed the knob on an M7 size pot with what is included, so it can work. However order at your own discretion if your potentiometer is not 3/8"-32 or M8 x 0.75mm.


NO, this is a universal fit for the majority of common potentiometers that are used by most guitar brands, with all the necessary installation hardware included. Key thing is that the potentiometers threads must stick out around 3.5-4mm (~2 US nickels stacked). If you're looking at your guitar and there seems to be less than that sticking out, there's a good chance that there is some hardware on the other side of the pickguard/top that can be removed which will increase the height of the exposed threaded portion. It will work with the shortest pot - short shaft (3/8" long threaded portion) - as long as the pickguard is 3 ply or less (so under 1/8" thick). And it will work with the longest pots, by threading the included nut on the pot beneath the guitars surface; adjusting this controls the exposed thread height.

But to be sure, please check your guitar for this requirement before ordering.

Works with different thread sizes as well, from 3/8"-32 (Most USA made guitars) to M8 x 0.75 (Most non USA made guitars) threaded potentiometers. Can work with smaller thread sized potentiometers if need be (not common on guitars), main factor again is 4mm of exposed threads.

YES, since it is just a knob it will fit on any common instrument potentiometer (vol, tone, blend, etc).


NO - 'That Klick' Knob does not add any perceptible resistance; turning the knob will feel exactly the same as it did prior to installing.

It should but will probably need some kind of adapter to make it sit flat in recessed cavity. This has not been thoroughly looked into so at this time can't recommend. However it should be fine on carve tops that do not have recessed knob cutouts (ex Les Pauls, PRS SE, etc)

Should in theory (at least when the pot is pushed in) but it has not been tested for that so can't recommend. Push-push pots probably will not work.

YES, but only if the potentiometers meet the requirements stated above.

YES, but only if the amp's or pedal's potentiometers meet the requirements stated above.

Absolutely, color options will be available very soon (possibly switch color choices too) & different knob styles are definitely in the works. Stay tuned.

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