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     that klick knob is compatible with most common instrument potentiometers (fender, gibson, ibanez, etc). but in general it comes down to these 4 factors for whatever you want to mount it on:

-Is the diameter of the screw threads either 3/8" or 8mm? (probably is)

-Is the shaft a 6mm split shaft (fine or course spline) or 1/4" solid shaft (probably is)

-Is the height of the shaft the knob slides onto between 0.28" - 0.38" (probably is)

-Can the potentiometer be set so that there's at least 3mm of screw threads sticking out from the pickguard/guitar's surface?

      if the answers to these 4 questions is yes (it probably is - That Klick knob was designed around these common conditions), then the knob will fit.  General potentiometer requirements & further explanations are below.  You must measure your individual instrument to confirm before purchase.

    1. This measurement is the length of the shaft that the knob slides onto, taken from the top of the shaft down to where the threading starts. Most are between 0.28" - 0.38". This size determines the amount of exposed threading that you will set (using included installation hardware) - see Installation. Shorter shafts require more exposed threads; longer shafts require less. Check your instrument to confirm the recommended sizes .

    2. This is the length of the threaded portion of the potentiometer - but what actually matters here is the height of the exposed threads sticking out from the surface - so 3/8" of threading is listed as the minimum to ensure this requirement is met (typically pickguards are about 0.10" thick). It will work with longer threaded pots - an included nut will be mounted underneath the surface which controls the amount of exposed threads. It could work with a shorter threaded pot - again what matters is the exposed thread requirement is met. You must measure your potentiometer to confirm. If it looks like your potentiometer is too short, many times there is hardware underneath the instruments surface - remove all hardware from potentiometer to accurately determine if it has the necessary amount of exposed threading.

    -If you have more than 0.18" of exposed threads, it will fit (hardware is included to lower the potentiometer).
    -If you have less than 0.12" of exposed threads, there's a good chance that there is hardware (washers/nuts) underneath the surface of the pickguard/instrument. Remove these and remeasure.

    3. This is the shaft's diameter, most are either 6mm split shaft or 1/4" solid shaft. This will work on both - 4 adapters are included to guarantee a tight fit.

    4. Depending on your potentiometer there needs to be between 0.125" (3.25mm) and 0.18" (4.5mm) of exposed threads to mount the knob. See 2. for explanation.

    5. Most common instrument potentiometers come in 2 thread sizes: 3/8"-32 & M8 x 0.75mm - this includes hardware to fit both sizes. This can fit smaller sized potentiometers , however since they are uncommon hardware is not included for them. With that said we have successfully installed the knob on an M7 size pot with what is included, so it can work. However order at your own discretion if your potentiometer is not 3/8"-32 or M8 x 0.75mm.

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