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backup save that sweet spot


So you rolled back the knobs and found a sweet spot.

...But then you want to crank it up for a solo...Or you need to turn the volume all the way down...Or the knob gets bumped in transport or accidentally adjusted. Quickly turning it back to that exact setting can be annoying or nearly impossible in a noisy/dark environment. And it only gets worse with multiple instruments.


If only there was an easy way to save a setting - something that could tell you when you've arrived at a chosen spot, to make returning to that setting quick & effortless...


Now there is: The Quick Klick Knob. It has a simple job - to mark a setting with a 'click' you can feel.


-When disengaged the knob acts normally, freely turning from min to max.
-When engaged the spinning knob will 'click' into place at the setting it was on when the switch was pushed in.


    To change the location of the 'Click' simply pull out the switch, turn to a new setting you like, then push in the switch. This is now the new saved setting.


    That's it. That's all it does.


    Please read through the FAQ & Installation pages before ordering: it's not hard, all necessary tools included - just check out the procedure to know what to expect.