10% off 2 or more knobs - code: save10



1.  with the switch out, the knob behaves normally like any knob, freely turning between min & max


2.  when you find a setting you like & want to revisit, push in the switch. the knob is still able to rotate all the way from min to max, but now you will feel it 'click' into place  at the setting it was on when the switch was pushed.



3.  if you want to remove the 'click' or if you want put the 'click' at a different setting, turn the knob back to the saved setting so it clicks into place, and then pull out the switch. now the knob will go back to spinning normally & you can save a new setting the next time you push in the switch.


   if you pull out the switch without the knob being clicked into place at the saved setting, simply turn the knob all the way to min/max until you feel it 'click' - again the knob will now spin normally & a new setting will be saved when the switch is pushed back in.

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