10% off 2 or more knobs - code: save10



          So you rolled back the knobs and found a sweet spot.  The perfect setting.  Dialed in just right. 
     ...But then you want to turn it up for a solo...Or you need to turn the volume all the way down...Or the knob gets bumped in transport & accidentally adjusted.


    Getting the knob back to that exact setting, that precise sweetspot, can be annoying at best and nearly impossible at worst in a loud/dark environment.  And never mind doing this quickly.  It only gets worse with multiple instruments.


That Klick knob allows you to save ANY setting by creating a 'Click' there, simply by flipping a switch.  You'll feel the knob firmly click into place whenever its rotated to the setting you saved, so you know for certain that you are exactly where you want to be.  Returning to that sweetspot is now quick & effortless!